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Continuous training support

Computing Skills
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Teacher first

"Learning from a computer is not as efficient as when it’s done by a skillful teacher... social interaction with a 'More Knowledgable Other' is central to child advancement..."

Lev Vygotsky (Psychologist) Wikipedia

We do not trust the educational efficiency of the STEM Self-Service Apps (Students learn without the help of the teacher), we believe in the theory developed by Lev Vygotsky and that every valid and efficient educational process must go through a human being and not through a computer. We therefore believe that to teach programming skills to kids we first have to give the knowledge to their teachers.

At galactIQ we know that teaching the rudiments of programming or robotics engineering to primary school students does not require prior knowledge, it only requires a valid educational method and a person capable of transmitting what they have learned to their students. For this goal there are no more qualified candidates in the world than our primary school teachers… in them we trust.

galactIQ empowers teachers around the world. We believe the future of our planet gravitates around them, if we reach all schools, we reach all the children of the world ... If we reach all the boys and girls of the world, the next generations will correctly understand what technology is capable of and will make our planet a fairer and safer place.

galactIQ is committed to ensuring that the basic technological knowledge remains in schools, that it is the teachers who learn first and teach later, that all this knowledge shall not be lost on a web server or a mobile application, we want the power to education remain in the hands of our teachers.

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Unlock endless possibilities for your students and ignite their love for STEM with our continuous training support program designed specifically for primary school teachers. It does not matter if you have zero prior technology experience, let us equip you with the tools and knowledge to inspire the next generation of innovators.

galactIQ's STEM specialists will also track the learning progress of every teacher, and we offer personalised guidance to ensure each teacher is reaching their full potential. With our comprehensive approach to training, we are committed to empowering every teacher to excel in their STEM teaching journey and make a lasting impact on their students.


All our school subscription plans include galactIQ's full lesson plan and the STEM training program. Join now and gain access to the most comprehensive STEM education for primary school teachers and students.

You are not planning to buy a galactIQ licence? Don't worry, contact our support team via this email hello@galactiq.app and we'll give you a personalised proposal.


At galactIQ Education, we know that learning never stops. That's why we offer unlimited access to our team of STEM experts to help answer your questions and provide guidance whenever you need it. Simply reach out to us via email, and schedule a one-on-one Zoom meeting or group session with your colleagues to get the support you need. With our personalized and interactive approach to learning, we are committed to empowering you to succeed in your STEM education journey, no matter where you are. 


Once you are a licensed school, you can ask questions regarding all the planets or subjects included in the galactIQ Education's lesson plan:

+ Media literacy (The internet of things, hacking, servers, online behaviour, online morality, online security, Artificial Intelligence and many other topics)
+ Game development (Scratch)
+ Robotics (Lego WeDo, Lego Spike Prime, Micro:bit, and other robotics sets used at primary schools)
+ Web Development Languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python)
+ Digital creativity (Graphic design and how to integrate different technologies)

Do you want to learn about something else? For instance how to use Mbot or other robotics set? ...you'd like to learn more about other programming languages? Just send us an email via hello@galactiq.app and we will get back to you. Our specialists team has a much wider skill set, so we are very sure we can help you too.

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  • "A practical approach with a lot of creativity ..."

    My kids attended the galactIQ Academy for more than two years. During this period, Diego and Gabriel learned many cool things such as programming with Scratch, creating websites with Javascript and HTML, programming Lego based robots, among others. 

    The staff are kind, professional and always willing to help. The approach is hands on with a lot of creativity involved. It was a very pleasant and rewarding experience for my kids. I strongly recommended it for all kids (and adults) who want to develop programming and robotics skills while applying their creativity and enjoying an entertaining learning environment.

    Amina Omerovic
  • Simple and effective

    "The step by step construction and coding instructions on galatIQ were simple and effective, ensuring student success regardless of their ability.  Along with the instructions, the online tutorials kept students engaged and encouraged them to grow in confidence over the course of the week.  The students particularly were inspired to be ambitious with their designs; creating unique and innovative robots. Overall, it is a brilliant experience!"

    Michelle C.
  • Impressive!

    "The video game development episodes are broken down into manageable steps, which allowed all the children in my class to develop a functioning, playable game. What really impressed me though, were the opportunities to experiment with the code; allowing my class to create a truly unique game. I can’t believe how quick we went from zero to hero!"

    Jack Barber
  • "...the lesson was so well scaffolded..."

    We used the first episode in the robotics series and our students thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.  The instructions were comprehensive for both the students and the teachers and the children could follow them to build their individual rover and were thrilled to see that the commands they set made the rover move.  As teachers, we valued the fact that the lesson was so well scaffolded and it included opportunities for discussion as well as for practising digital skills.  We can see the potential of this educational solution and how it could complement a primary school’s curriculum.

    Lucy White and Ema Caires dos Santos
  • A fantastic tool for teachers

    "Galactiq is a fantastic tool for teachers. It helps manage the flow of the lesson, get an overview of how students are doing, encourages student participation and collaboration. It is very comfortable to teach using Galactiq!"

    Paulius Skaisgir
  • It's easy and fun

    "Galactiq is the perfect way to learn and teach coding and robotics to younger kids, even when having minimal to no coding experience yourself. Before each class, I go over today's lesson to gain an understanding of today's targets and goals. With hands-on information solely available for teachers, you can use Galactiq as a manual to learn everything needed to teach the class."

    Caro Cools

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Media Literacy

Behaviour, safety and understanding
A 'must' for all kids in primary schools. Students will learn to recognise the complex mechanisms of the online environment they grow surrounded with. Through debating and investigating your class will fully understand the online world.


Learning engineering is key
By teaching engineering and robotics to kids at an early age, you are furnishing them with a foundational skill set that could become essential to them in the future.

Game Development

Plan, design, develop and test
The video game creation process includes planning, designing, programming, testing, and launching a game. A complete digital creative process that reinforces the confidence and programming skills of your students.

Web Development

Programming languages ​​from an early age
Programming languages are part of a strong and smart education for the new generations. Javascript, CSS, HTML or Python are easy to teach and learn thanks to the galactIQ educational method.

Digital Creativity

Where they expand their creative horizons
We want our students not only to understand the rudiments and fundamentals of technology, at galactIQ we also aim at making primary school students creative with the tools we learn to use.