Anyone can teach Coding & Robotics!

Anyone can teach Coding & Robotics!

No previous knowledge needed, start teaching Coding&Robotics to kids from 5 to 13 years old
Perfect for schools

Parents want their kids to learn Coding & Robotics, schools want to teach Coding & Robotics and young students love to learn Coding & Robotics... the problem is that teachers have no training and schools have no methodology or curriculum to follow.

galactIQ comes with an out-of-the-box training method for teachers and a great library of superslick step-by-step Coding & Robotics episodes for the kids.

Thanks to our method, teaching Coding & Robotics has become really easy for everyone. Teachers at your school will need no previous knowledge to start training your students.


In the near future, Coding & Robotics education will be taught mainly at schools, not at home or after school clubs. Tech education will become much more exigent than it is today and primary school teachers will be the gravitational center of this new learning path.


Our goal is to make high-quality technical STEM education democratic, reaching every school everywhere so that all the kids will grow with a deep understanding of how technology works and become ready for a really changing world. Popularising Coding & Robotics can only be made through schools.

Empowering teachers is step one, giving young students the right tools is step two, making the world easier to understand for the new generations... the output of our mission.

  • What's galactIQ?

A revolutionary method for STEM education

galactIQ incorporates the best of STEM education to provide quality and fun coding lessons for kids. The subjects range from Game & Web Development or Robotics, to Media Literacy in the most creative way possible. Students face super fun challenges, quizzes, and games while learning fundamental coding concepts.
Your teachers won't need any previous knowledge to start teaching STEM with galactIQ.


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  • Designed for schools

Designed for schools

Now every primary school teacher can deliver high-quality STEM education thanks to galactIQ’s simple and easy to follow method. Teachers are given full control over their lessons with the smart classroom management system that tracks students’ progress, allows lessons to be paused, and lets students help each other with just the click of a button.


Everything has been designed from the teacher’s perspective so no previous experience in coding or robotics is needed.


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  • the galactIQ flow

How does galactIQ work?

galactIQ is quite a smart learning management software. Teachers will find a lot of intuitive tools to start teaching with no prior experience in programming. Just start a lesson, begin explaining what you see in each step of the episode and when you are done, click the ACTIVATE button, kids will take it from there. Then it's the teacher's turn again... then students' turn and so forth.


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