galactIQ for your school

galactIQ for your school

Boost your STEM curriculum with the most creative and efficient Coding & Robotics curriculum
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Our motto is that 'any primary school teacher can teach Coding & Robotics' and based on this idea we have developed a coding tool for primary schools that helps the teacher become a programming hero from day one. Thanks to our own experience teaching Coding & Robotics lessons to hundreds of students in several schools since 2017 (both physical and online lessons) galactIQ has been designed with your teachers in mind.


We know how hard is to keep the classroom moving at the same pace. With this in mind we have created a super handy Play/Pause control within the lesson so that you can freeze all your students' screens with just one click.


Some of your students will fly with the lesson, but some others will move slower. With the PROGRESS OVERVIEW you will see who is going faster and who needs help. You can also reset the progress individually if you notice one kid has moved too fast and actually need to repeat an exercise.


One thing we've learned during these years teaching Coding & Robotics is that when a kid 'unlocks' a new programming concept, he or she feels super proud if the teacher asks him/her to help other students. We have also stated that the student that receives help from another student finds that dynamic more of a team effort. This is what we call 'team dynamics'. When you see one of your students understands something faster than the rest, click the TEACH IT button and that student will see on the screen a positive message that asks him/her to help others.


The teacher will always have an extra help on every step within an episode, wether it is an extra explanation about a new coding concept, the solution to a challenge or a bit of history to round up an explanation to the class, galactIQ is always there by your side. Click the HELP button and become a programming hero on the fly.


You will find other tools such as the classroom passwords safe where you can reset passwords of your students if needed, store Scratch passwords and so many other small functions that will make you feel in full control of the lesson.

At galactIQ we are constantly observing, investigating and testing with our own students to develop new smart tools to help you manage the classroom and help students have more and more fun while learning something so important as Coding & Robotics.

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